Retirement Planning

A beginning of a new life...

Retirement is the beginning of a new life, the start of a second adulthood. Are you financially prepared to pursue the life that you have planned to lead when you actually retire? Financial planning for retirement is very important. One should make sincere efforts to plan for retirement. How much money will be available through social security, if social security exists when you retire? Effective retirement planning requires foreseeing the type of life you wish to lead after retirement. Do you like traveling every year? Would you like to pursue your hobbies that you couldn’t during your peak working years – like hunting, writing or visiting places you always wished to? Enjoying this phase comfortably and peacefully requires certain basics of retirement planning.

Concept of retirement planning has changed over the years. The current employment conditions have changed. In the past, Social Security benefits, personal savings, and Defined Benefit Pensions were considered main resources for leading a comfortable retired life.

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